How Holiday Backpack Was Launched


Hi I’m Firsta. I run the site Discover Your Indonesia. I’ve been running Discover Your Indonesia for almost three years. Since its launch Discover Your Indonesia has become one of the leading Indonesian Luxury Travel Blogs with almost 500,000 unique visitors a year. Through the website I’ve worked with the national tourism board, NGO’s like WWF, company’s like Google and luxury hotel chains. I also turned the website into a successful travel business.


Recently a lot of people have been turning to me and asking for advice about how to monetise their blog and connect with leading brands. It’s a good question and one I feel unable to answer in 20 minutes. I launched Holiday Backpack as a site where I can share the lessons that I’ve learned turning my passion into my livelihood.


On the site I’ll share insider tips here to help you grow your travel business online. My aim is to provide actionable content that you can use to increase your online income. While this site is primarily aimed at travel bloggers, I know that a lot of businesses in the travel and hospitality niches (hotels, restaurants and travel agents) can benefit from the advice.

If you want help growing your online travel business I offer a number of different services through Discover Your Indonesia. I offer social media management, guest posting and blogging and copywriting services. Please click the relevant links to find out more about what’s on offer.

P.S. While this website might be a bit more focused on business I still talk about travel, because I believe your job should always be combined with your passion.