Myanmar has been so amazing! Though to be honest I am not a big fan of Myanmar food, I prefer food from Laos. Here I would like to share my 10 days itinerary in Myanmar together with costs of transportation and the entrance fees to the site I visited, which I hope can be useful. This Myanmar itinerary consists of a visit the four most touristy cities in Myanmar, which are Yangon, Inle, Bagan and Mandalay (fly in from Yangon and fly out from Mandalay).

No worries, this itinerary can easily be adjusted to become 2-3 weeks or even less than 10 days. If you have less time, you can skip one of the cities or simply spend more time in one place. You can also visit other cities in Myanmar that are close by to these four famous cities. For example: probably add a visit to Bago and check out the infamous Golden rock (Kyaiktiyo Pagoda). Anyways, here is my Myanmar 10 days itinerary.



Day 1: Arrive in Yangon morning; explore the Shwedagon pagoda and do the downtown tour to check out some cool buildings.
Day 2: Yangon; check out the Boygoke/Scott market (a great market to stroll around and do a bit of shopping), go to Hitachi (Sakura tower) and chill at Sky Bistro restaurant on the 20th floor where you can get amazing view of Yangon.
Day 3: Yangon; go to the National Museum of Myanmar (believe me, this museum, even though quite disappointing on the ground floor, has a great collection on the 1st and 2nd floor). Chill out at the Kandawgyi Lake then continue to explore a tiny bit more at Boygoke market. Around 4.30 pm walk from Boygoke market to the Vista bar to enjoy the sunset from the Vista bar, which overlooks the Shwedagon pagoda. The walk is really interesting and the view at Vista bar is amazing as well.


Inle Lake

Day 4: Fly from Yangon to Inle Lake (flight duration: 1 hour 15 minutes; ticket price: $105 per person one way); Inle lake entrance fee $10 per person and the ticket is valid for one week. Tour Inle Lake and visit several workshops. Boat tour is 15,000 kyats ($ 15) per boat and the boat can fit up to 4 people.
Day 5: Inle Lake; go to Kakku (depart at 8 am and arrive back to Inle around 3 pm). Pick up a guide from Taunggyi. Car rental is 50,000 kyats ($51) for the whole day (includes driver and gasoline). Guide costs $5 and the entrance fee for Kakku is $3 per person.



Day 6: Bus from Inle Lake to Bagan (depart at 7am and arrive at 4.30 pm) bus costs 11,000 kyats ($11) per person. Transfer from the bus terminal to new Bagan is 3,000 kyats ($3) per person (was offered 5,000 kyats ($5) per person, a bit ridiculous for such a short ride). Bagan entrance fee $15 per person, valid for one week.
Day 7: Bagan; tour Bagan. Rent a car from 6am – 6pm 35,000 kyats ($35); half day 22,000 kyats ($22). Cost includes a driver and gasoline. Visit temples, pagodas and a small market at Nyaung-U.
Day 8: Bagan; Chill out in the morning and take an afternoon transfer with mini van from Bagan to Mandalay. Ticket 9,000 kyats ($9) per person. Pick up from hotel 2.30 and mini van leaves at 3 pm. The journey is 4 hours. Arrive in Mandalay around 7 pm.



Day 9: Mandalay; Mandalay archaeological zone entrance fee 10,000 kyats ($10) per person. Visit the south and north Mandalay. Car rental (include the driver and gasoline) costs 30,000 kyats ($30). It is really great to go up to Mandalay hill and see Mandalay from the top.
Mandalay (South side): Shweinbin monastery (1895), Maharmuni pagoda (1784), gold leaf paper workshop, marbel carving, tapastay work and woodcarving.
Mandalay (north side): Mandalay Royal Palace, Shwenandaw Monastery, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Sandarmuni Pagoda, Kyauktawgyi Pagoda (I skipped this one) and sunset at Mandalay Hill.
Day 10: Mandalay; went to Mingun. The ferry costs 5,000 kyats ($5) per person. Depart 9 am and returns to Mandalay at 1.30 pm, this provides you three-hours to explore. After Mingun, go to Amarapura to check waving workshop and enjoy sunset at U Pain bridge (the very famous teak bridge, which built around 150 years ago).
Day 11: Fly out from Mandalay airport; transfer from the hotel to the Mandalay international airport is 15,000 kyats or $15 (or 12,000 kyats for car without air conditioner) in one-hour journey.

Travel period: August 2014

Are you planning your trip to Myanmar soon? Are there any interesting things that you are thinking of doing that are not on this itinerary? Share it and let other people know 🙂

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  1. hadeeuuhh… senangnyaaa myanmar..
    bikin kangen ^.^

    kamu makan di tempat2 ini nggak pas di Bagan? >>


  2. blh minta kontak utk car rental waktu di mandalay mbak? saya plan desember kesitu 🙂


  3. Mbak, Visa Myanmar bs VOA di Airport Yangoon kan? Ga hrs urus visa dr Jkt?



  4. Hi Terbang dari Mandalay ke Jakarta naik apa? Ada transit-nya?

    Ada flight Jakarta langsung Mandalay ga ya?


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