On the plane before I landed at Seoul, South Korea, I heard an announcement that the weather was 1 degrees Celsius, suddenly I felt that it might be hard to have a fun holiday here if it was going to be so crispy cold. Just to let you know I’m not really a good friend with the cold, because I am a truly tropical girl.


After we finished passing through immigration at the airport , I was trying to find quickest way to get to the hotel and drop off my bag so I could start exploring Seoul. This is a city that I was increasingly doubting I would find any excitement in!

Since it’s quite close to my hotel, the first area I started exploring was Gangnam. If you hibernated all of last year you might not have heard about the phenomenal Gangnam style in 2012, for everyone else you will know where I’m talking about. If you are not aware, do your own research…


The true meaning of Gangnam Style wasn’t really obvious to me, but I happily explored the area. Gangnam is full of business centres, high end stores, clubs, luxury and design stuff. Some of the streets only had a single store to shop around, but there was plenty to discover.


Walking around Gangnam area, my friend suddenly spotted a very funky store. It was a photo sticker store that also sold candies, needless to say we quickly went in. It pretty catchy even though most of the stores are catchy and colorfull. It had a very korean style, if I can say that.


We wanted to try the korean photo sticker. It was completely bizarre, yet a very entertaining experience. Firstly the shop attendance, a truely korean girl, totally refused to talk in English (because she can’t) and showed me a sad and reluctant face when I asked for help.


After a lot of hard work trying to understand the shop attendee and figuring out how to start the photoshoot, we had another major problem. The photo sticker machine’s instruction had to be given verbally and the options were written in Korean. So we were stuck in between cluelessness, the timer on the photo machine and the impossibility of asking for assistance from the sad face lady.


After laughing and laughing, we finally managed to get our photo taken. We really enjoyed the moment and were amazed at how we could really customize the design of the photo frame. At the end the pictures itself turn out very lovely (we got our eyes made automatically bigger and skin whiter on the printed version-aha!). After using the machine I was instantly smitten with Seoul. Gamsa-hamnida Seoul!

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  1. Dulu di Jepang pernah foto ‘cantik’ gitu. uhuk..


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